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... The Inner Learning. There are different kinds of teachers. When you are finished with the common teachers you go to a Sadguru. He will challenge you not to the outside, but to the inside. In the middle of the sea the sand is quiet (when you go deep inside yourself, the mind is quiet). But, close to the beach the sand is always upside down (in the outside world the mind is always agitated with numerous thought).

The teacher finds the disciple only when the disciple has the urge for the teacher. The role of the Sadguru is to make one realized. The teacher is the mirror to the inside of oneself. To become a disciple you have to surrender. You have to understand yourself and build spiritual strength. Your faith has to be built on rocks. You go through many challenges. Only through surrender can you experience the Divine. Sri Swami Vishwananda

Often Swami Vishwananda points out that one needs a lot of patience and perseverance on the spiritual path and that no quick results are to be expected‚ the same for daily life. He does not wish people to be dependant on him; rather He wants them to trust God and the Guru (teacher) within their own Self. "We should always use our common sense. It is of no use to take off and 'fly around', we have to stay grounded and also do our work on this earth. We have to proceed patiently and with respect to the Divine and to ourselves."

What we lack in this world are not the teachings on God-realisation; what we lack is people's will to really go within and put the teachings into practice. Especially in today's world, there exist a lot of distractions that lead to 'outer attachments' that are finite and cause suffering again and again when lost. People should become aware of the 'inner attachments' that are eternal and cause no suffering. God is always there‚ like the sun shining through a window. It is up to us to draw the curtains and open the window."

"All kinds of expectations bring pain. Because the one real expectation, the real thing that our soul wants, is the True Love of God. And this 'True Love of God', we can only find through devotion within our heart. You can go to a Master and the Master can show you the way. But it's upon each one of you to really desire God. To really yearn for God. Because as long as you don't yearn for God, as long as you don‚ really want Him, you will always be searching. You will always put one foot in one place and the other foot in another place. To find this real Love, and realize this deep connection with God within oneself, we must practice bhakti, devotion. When you surrender yourself full heartedly and say, "God I want You. Reveal Yourself to me!" - then God will reveal Himself. He cannot say No to you, because your Self cannot hide from yourself. This higher consciousness, that you have deep inside of you, can be revealed when your mind is centred on God. So yearn for God. Call from deep inside your heart, 'God reveal Yourself to me! I know You are deep inside somewhere. From time to time, I do feel You. I know You are here. But I would like to feel You constantly; all the time.' Isn't that what each one of you wants, to feel the Love of God all the time?"

A great awakening within mankind is in progress and it is divinely on schedule. Therein, mankind will know the meaning, through inner divine experience, the promise in the Holy Christian Bible: Oh, man, be still and know that I Am God. It is to that place within you that we wish to lead you in our writings on this blog. It is truth that we have no other purpose. Those of you, who resonate from the heart when you read this blog, and when you meet me in your meditations, be at peace. I know who you are. ...Babaji through meditation is here to lead you where you actually may hear, "the still small voice within," And one may meet me in meditation in the privacy of just you and me. And I welcome any of you who choose that method of communication as well as herein.

Don't you long for peace and freedom? Can't you perceive that some of those whom you criticize the harshest and most frequently have found a great measure of this peace for which you diligently are searching. Please become aware that you are searching in a place where peace does not exist.

Be aware, and I am perfectly certain, no one, and I mean no vibration or energy has power over you unless you self-create giving the power away in your own mind. I am offering to help you wake up and take responsibility for that, those of you who have this mind-chatter within ye.

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Swami Vishwananda: "The Divine did not create the human mind to make us a slave to it. Our mind is here to enable us to analyze what we need to do in our daily lives. In whatever we do and wherever we are in life, our mind is always working and analyzing everything in the outside world. Eventually, the mind has to be completely focused on the way to the heart. Then one will find the way to love." [In the human form, it is approximately a mere 18 inches from mind to Heart]

Mahavatar Babaji: I reiterate what the Christ taught you: 'Behold, I stand at the door [of your heart] and knock. It is your choice to open the door and invite me in or not.' [Excerpted from Unity With The Divine]

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